About EMCY

EMCY stands for outstanding musical quality, support for the youth and the European cooperation.
  • is a European network of youth music competitions
  • promotes, supports and represents its member competitions
  • organises follow up concerts, masterclasses and performances all over Europe for the prize winners of EMCY member competitions
  • upholds fairness and competition good practice
  • promotes the educational value of competitions
  • brings together young musicians from different cultures and backgrounds through its projects
Founded in 1970 in Brussels as a union for national youth music competitions, EMCY expanded in 1992 to include international youth music competitions and we now have around fifty members throughout Europe.

The EMCY Board represents EMCY Member Competitions and is elected every four years at the EMCY General Assembly.

The EMCY Office is in Munich (Germany) and is a central point of communication for our members.

View EMCY Member Competitions in a larger map.

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