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International Competition for Violin, Kloster Schöntal

Next competition:

Next deadline: To be announced
Categories for the next competition: violin

City: Schöntal (Germany)
Age range: 1-21 (3 age categories)
Structure: Three rounds, the last of which is a concerto finale
Cycle: every two years
Categories: violin
Organiser: Kulturstiftung Hohenlohe
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: www.violinwettbewerb.de/

  • The number of participants is limited to 65 in total. The winners of first prizes from previous International Violin Competitions are not allowed to compete again in the same age group.
  • All rounds of the competition are open to the public.
  • The prize-winners undertake to receive their prizes in person and to take part in all concerts immediately connected with the prize giving without receiving a fee.
  • All participants who are eliminated in the first stage of the competition receive a Certificate of Participation.
  • All participants who are eliminated in the second stage of the competition receive a Certificate of Honour.
  • All eliminated participants may follow the competition as members of the audience. They have the opportunity to discuss their performance with members of the jury. Parents and teachers are welcome to attend for this discussion.
  • All participants are obliged to permit free audio and video recording of any stage of the competition. The recording company can make available copies of the recordings at the cost to the participant, if so desired.
  • The competition organizers can take no liability for any loss or damage to instruments during the competition.
In any question concerning the rules of the competition or their translation, the German language text shall be considered authoritative.

Age groups

1st age group born after 3rd September 2002
2nd age group born between 4th September 1999 and 3rd September 2002
3rd age group born between 4th September 1996 and 3rd September 1999

Find information about the required repertoire here.


Würth prize (for 1st and 3rd category):

1st category 3rd category
1st prize EUR 1.500 EUR 3.000
2nd prize EUR 1.200 EUR 2.000
3rd prize EUR 1.000 EUR 1.500
4th prize EUR 800 EUR 1.200
5th prize EUR 600 EUR 1.000

ebmpapst prize (2nd category):

1st prize 2.000 EUR
2nd prize 1.500 EUR
3rd prize 1.200 EUR
4th prize 1.000 EUR
5th prize 800 EUR

Reinhold Würth sponsorship award: EUR 5.000

Other special prizes

Application: Online by 1st of June in the year the competition takes place.

More information

Background: From the competition’s website:

The competition as part of a comprehensive promotion concept
The competition's objective is to discover and promote the talents of young musicians at an early age as well as to offer the chance of experience and interchange on an international basis. The pieces chosen for the Competition are of great significance. Young players shall become acquainted with the important works of violin literature. They are asked to study and interpret pieces of various musical epochs and genres. We want this process to be a pleasurable experience without overstraining. The programme of our competition meets this claim and combines it with the violin repertory's variety while allowing great freedom in the selection of works. Read more.

Last updated: 20.11.2017

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