What do you expect from a youth music competition for classical music?

A crowded and fun event, attended by old and young music fans? A music festival where you can experience also other art forms? Performed by outstanding and talkative young musicians? Performances with refugees, children and families?

No! No? Yes! GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE is a cooperation project co-funded by the culture programme Creative Europe of the European Union. It counts 8 partners of 7 different countries: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Luxemburg and Germany. GIVE MUSIC A FUTUREwill promote young European musicians with performances in 7 countries, providing them essential skills to engage with different audiences all over Europe. They will leave the concert halls and take the music to places where you and me meet. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will turn youth music competitions into an attractive experience of art.

GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE proposes a diverse set of activities: international workshops on audience communication, interactive performances, reach out sessions with young refugees, immigrants, traveller kids and underrepresented groups, musical theatre for families, an online violin competition with one rule: everything except the classical repertoire and performance, interdisciplinary concerts with professional orchestras and an international premiere of a contemporary composition.

All activities are played by young emerging musicians, selected and awarded by the partners´ music competitions. Every activity will be assessed systematically and builds the basis for the project´s long term strategy: transferable guidelines for audience development at youth music competitions.

The international partners are: The European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY, project leader, Germany), the Ecole de Musique de l´Union Gran-Duc Adolphe (UGDA Music School, Luxemburg), The Flying Gorillas (UK), The Netherlands Violin Competition (the Netherlands), Natų knygynas and the Balys Dvarionas Charity and Support Foundation (Lithuania), BT Music and Performing Arts School for Children and Young Adults (Turkey), Juventudes Musicales de España (JM Spain, Spain). Christina Coker, O.B.E., a renowned expert on music education and audience development will advise GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE. To maximise the outreach, the partners cooperate with public radios and the European Broadcasting Union.

You can find more information about the project on the GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE page.

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