New volunteer at EMCY!


Hello everyone!

My name is Manuela Matran and I will be a European volunteer at EMCY until September 2017. I come from a small city from Romania called Iasi.

I visited 5 years ago for the first time Germany and I was really impressed. When I was accepted at EMCY, I was very happy because of the opportunity to learn new things. I also hope that I will meet many people from beautiful countries and I hope that I will learn German in a short period.

I also think that music is very important in our life because we are inspired, completed, moved by it. I was a dancer in my country and for me the music had always a special place in my heart. My experience so far has been a very positive one and I think because of this, I can bring a lot of positive energy and optimism to this team.

Want to know more about me? Check this video!

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