Orlando Festival


This year the Orlando Competition had an exciting final, where the jury awarded the first prize to the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet (The Netherlands, Germany, Poland), whose members studied in The Netherlands at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet prize was a support of 4500 euros and a concert tour in the Netherlands, during the season of 2017-2018.

The second prize went to Flute East Trio (China, South-Korea), and third prize to the Hungarian Weiner Ensemble.

The jury of the International Chamber Music Festival also gave a special prize, an 11 days course in the castle of Weikersheim (Germany), to the Elendis Quartet, a guitar quartet from Poland.


The Orlando Festival was very pleased with the diversity of the offered repertoire. There were 45 compositions played by 42 different composers, from Bach to 2016, also including 10 works of living composers.

Ellen Corver, the president of the jury, noted: "The ensembles had very high level of proficiency, and it is a great pleasure to listen to such aspiring ensembles. It is inspiring to see young people that skilled in music".

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