GMAF - New Children's Show


On 25th February will start in London (UK) the New Children's Show within the cooperation project GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE. The New Show is a combination of high quality Classical Music and high energy drumming. It is developed by the professional audience developers, the Flying Gorillas and EMCY and will be played by international EMCY Prize winners: the EMCY Hammers will present Puccini’s notoriously virtuosic Caprice No 24 played by Martin Zayranov, of International Competition Young Virtuosos, exquisite Classical Guitar from Croatian Nikica Polegubić, of Anna Amalia Competition for Young Guitarists and improvised Jazz Clarinet to blow your socks off from Alim Kurtmemetov…



The New Show will be played enriched by interactive percussion and world class Breakdance from Bboy Mario and Tamzen and its performances will be in theatres, schools and unconventional venues to reach children in mainstream education, special schools, children's hospice and legal Travelers' site.


25 February Shooting Star Chase Hospice - 11 am

27 FebruaryCollege Park Special School -1:30 pm

28 FebruarySt Mary's RC Primary - 1:00-3:00 pm

1 March Amici - 7:00-9:00 pm

2 March Colville - 1:50pm

3 March Pepperpot with Colville - 10:00-3:00 pm


GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE is a cooperation project co-funded by the culture programme Creative Europe of the European Union. It counts 8 partners of 7 different countries: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Luxemburg and Germany. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will promote young European musicians with performances in 7 countries, providing them essential skills to engage with different audiences all over Europe. They will leave the concert halls and take the music to places where you and I meet. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will turn youth music competitions into an interactive experience of art.

For more information check GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE project.


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