New Member Competition: The Papandopulo Croatian Competition of young musicians



EMCY is happy to announce that we have a New Member Competition: The Papandopulo Croatian Competition of young musicians.

The competition is organised once in four years and the next competition will take place in Zagreb, Croatia in September 2018.

The competition is dedicated to Crotian musician under the age of 30. The competition is held in three rounds. The initial number of contestants is not limited. A maximum of six contestants enter the second round, and a maximum of three enter the final round. All performances are open to the public. Jury decisions are irreversible. All contestants receive a written Acknowledgement of participation in the Competition. All contestants who enter the second round receive a Diploma for participation. The first-prize winners are obligated to attend the Award ceremony and to perform at the first-prize winners' concert without further compensation. Acknowledgements, Diplomas and Prizes are signed by the president and members of the jury.

More information here


Welcome to the EMCY family!

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