„Epoche_f goes Europe“


This year the participants of a one week long master classes for EMCY prize winners held in August could meet again in October and perform two beautiful concerts in Aarhus and in Bratislava.

EMCY Slovakia welcomed the great possibility to organize the concert of Epoche_f goes Europe in cooperation with the Music Centre in Bratislava as a pre - concert of the Contemporary Music Festival „Melos-Étos“. The concert held at the Concert Hall 2 of Slovak Radio was recorded by the Slovak Radio and the live stream of this concert enabled to everybody to enjoy it directly.

Twenty-one young musicians from all over Europe (three of them from Slovakia) performed side by side with the musicians of Ensemble Modern.

In the concert programe also two compositions of Slovak composers were performed.

Thanks to the master classes and thanks to conductor Lucas Vis the young musicians have mastered excellently the challenging task of performing the contemporary music. The enthusiastic audience rewarded them at the end of concert with an endless applause.

Lucas Vis and Ľubica Čekovská  (significant Slovak composer whose composition „Interrupted Line – für 11 Musiker“ was performed at the concert|) met personaly after the concert.

Lucas Vis and some members of Ensemble Modern have found time and also attended an interesting round table discussion with Slovak musicians and students of the Music Academy.

The Slovak participants of master classes and following concerts were following: Dominika Gúbeová (French horn), Martin Pavlík (violin) and Adam Druga (percussion) appreciate the exceptional occassion being a part of the project Epoche_f  goes Europe. They have gained the knowledge and skills to interpret 20th and 21st century music and have experienced many unforgettable beautiful moments with new friends from all over Europe.

The wonderful concert of contemporary music left a deep impression on Bratislava audience. What I personally appreciate very much is that so many young people attended to the concert. I believe they have found inspiration to discover the beauties of new and unknown music.

Mária Slaninová

EMCY Vice President for National Competitions and President of EMCY Slovakia


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