Flute East Trio at the Victoria International Arts Festival in Malta


Prize winners Flute East Trio will play at the 20th edition of the Victoria International Arts Festival, in Malta. The festival takes place from 6th June to 10th July.

The Flute East Trio is an ensemble composed of Park Hannah and Sojeong Son from South Korea and Yu-Cheng from Taiwan.

The ensemble’s performance is both passionate and delicate, combining three unique personalities into one beautiful musical eloquence. Flute East Trio makes efforts to communicate to its audience the beauty of ensemble music of both Asian and Western world from various periods. Flute East Trio is very uniquely configured with three flutes, throwing challenges into the existing community of ensemble music. With its powerful and virtuoso playing, Flute East Trio always captivates its audience and breaks the presuming idea of three flutes having limited sonic effects.

Flute Eat Trio won the EMCY prize at Orlando Competition International Chamber Music Competition in 2016.


Flute East Trio will perform on 17th June at St George’s Basilica the following programme:

P. Bocquillon, Territoires

J. Casterede, Flutes en vacances

F. Kuhlau, Trio e minor for three flutes Nr.1, Op.86

T. Pecou, pour un rituel imaginaire

J. J. Quantz, Sonate for three flutes in D Major Nr.116

EMCY is very happy to work with the Victoria International Arts Festival one more time.

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