Cuarteto Klimt

Date of birth: 1990 - 1991

Instrument: ensemble
Nationality: Spain
Competition: Concurso Permanente de Juventudes Musicales de España, 2013

1st Prize Chamber Music, EMCY Prize

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Born in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón in 2011, the Cuarteto Klimt studied with the Cuarteto Quiroga. Since its formation has performed in the Auditorio Eduardo del Pueyo (CSMA, Zaragoza), Auditorio CAI (Zaragoza), Auditori Pau Casals (El Vendrell), Auditorio de la Fundación Botín (Santander), participated in festivals and cycles like the XVI Festival de la Ribagorza “Clásicos en la Frontera” (Obarra) and Grandes Conciertos del CSMA (Zaragoza), and also in pedagogic concerts in the Auditorio San Francisco (Monzón). Also has been recorded by RNE.

Besides the continuous work with the Cuarteto Quiroga, its members have individually recieved masterclass from Quartets like Cuarteto Casals, Jerusalem, Kuss, Biava, Leonor and Dussmann or from musicians like Guy Braunstein, Roi Siloah, Avri Levitan, Marta Gulyas, Daniel Hope, Cory Smythe, Ohad Ben-Ari and Kennedy Moretti. Also its members have performed chamber music with Alexander Pavlovsky, Gerard Poulet, Ju-Young Baek, Avri Levitan, Amihai Grosz, Julian Steckel, Young Song, Chin-Yi Chen y Cory Smythe in festivals like the Seoul International Music Festival, Jerusalem Voice of Music Festival, Indiana Summer Festival of the Arts, Festival Lienzo Norte of Ávila, Festival Korea-España of Calahorra, el Festival Turina of Sevilla or the Musethica Festival of Zaragoza.

The Quartet has been awarded with First-Prizes at the VIII “Higini Anglès” Chamber Music Competion (Reus, Dec 2012), XI “Ecoparque de Trasmiera” CMCET 2013 Competition (Arnuero, Mar 2013), IV International Chamber Music Competition of Villalgordo del Júcar (Apr 2013) and more recently with the First Prize at the Concurso Permanente de Juventudes Musicales de España (Málaga, Nov 2013). These prizes include tours of concerts in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons. Apart from these tours, next commitments are several social concerts in Berlin as Quartet member of the project Musethica (Feb, 2014), its debut in the Fundación Juan March in Madrid (May, 2014) and its apparition in the Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada (June, 2014).

Moreover their dedication to the quartet, its members continues his individual formation. They have performed as soloist with orchestra or solo recitals in important halls, been award with scholarships like IberCaja or Fundación Promete and also they are or have been members of orchestras like Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, Joven Orquesta Nacional de España, Camerata Aragón or Joven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, among others.


Juan Salas Ruiz was born in Murcia, he started to play violin at the age of 4. He studied with Emilio Fenoy in Conservatorio Profesional de Música of Murcia and continued his studies with Lina Tur in Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón (CSMA), where was formed also as a chamber musician with Kennedy Moretti and the Cuarteto Quiroga. Here he graduated with honors in 2013.

He played as a soloist in the Auditorio of Murcia with Murcia Youth Symphony Orchestra (OJRM) and in the `Sala Mozart´ of Auditorio of Zaragoza with the CSMA Symphonic Orquestra and the Csma Chamber Orquestra.

He is member of the Cuarteto Klimt, beeing first prizes winner in several nacionals and internationals chamber music competitions. Also colaborates with young national orchestras and take part of some chamber music festivals. Belongs to the Camerata de Murcia, National Youth Orchestra of Spain (JONDE) and Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra (SHMF).

Nowadays he studies with Avri Levitan and takes part of the 'Musethica' social project.


Jesús Merino Ruiz (violin) was born in Cuenca in 1991, began his studies in the Conservatorio "Pedro Aranaz" of Cuenca (Spain) with Ruth Olmedilla, finishing them with the Special Prize of Castilla La-Mancha Middle Studies “Premio Regional de Música” in 2009.

In 2008 he is selected to take lessons in the Indiana University (USA) from Jaime Laredo, Mauricio Fuks, Beaux Arts Trio and Mimi Zweig. Also he has received masterclasses from Klara Elisabeth Pantillon, Nicolás Chumachenco, Avri Levitan, Harald Herzl, Lara Lev, Martin Mumelter, Lavard Skou-Larssen, Paul Roczek, Anna Baget, Alfredo García, Ju Young Baek, Jayyoon Kim, Gustavo Beytelmann, Emilio Molina and Rafael García (Alexander Technique) among others.

He is a member of Joven Orquesta Nacional de España (JONDE), and was member of Camerata Aragón and colaborates usually with Camerata de Murcia. Also he is member of the Cuarteto Klimt since 2011. With it, he has been first prizes winner in several nacionals and internationals chamber music competitions.

In June 2013 he finished his studies in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón (CSMA) with Lina Tur Bonet in violin and with the Cuarteto Quiroga y Kennedy Moretti in chamber music. Nowadays he is studying in Berlin with his current teacher Avri Levitan and taking part of the “Musethica” project.


Lara Fernández Ponce started to play viola at the age of 7 in Soria and Madrid with Prof. Jaime Huertas, Prof. Jensen Horn-Sin Lam and Prof. Elena Pochekina. She graduated with high distinction from the Conservatorio Superior de Aragón in Spain, where she studied with Avri Levitan (viola), Kennedy Moretti and Cuarteto Quiróga (Chamber Music).

In addition to her regular studies Lara attended courses and Master classes with David Quiggle, Ashan Pillai, Ulrich Knörzer, Jonathan Brown, Rivka Golani, Tatjana Masurenko, Avri Levitan, Vladimir Mendelsshon, Beatrice Muthelet, Yuval Gotlibovich, Gilad Karni, Amihai Grosz, Haim Taub, Wilfried Strehle, and Tabea Zimmermann.

She has been awared with scolarships by U.I Alfonso VII, Fundación Promete and Ibercaja. She played in many young orchestras like JOSS, JOSCyL and Camerata de Aragón. As a soloist she played the Bartok viola concerto with the Orquesta do Norte, and concerts for two violas with the Camerata de Aragón and Sinfonietta Orchestra (Madrid).

Since 2011 she is a member of the Cuarteto Klimt. With it, he has been first prizes winner in several nacionals and internationals chamber music competitions. She lives in Berlin continuing her studies with Avri Levitan and taking part of the “Musethica” project.


Juan María Raso (violonchello) began his musical studies at the Conservatorio "Miguel Fleta" of Monzón (Huesca, Spain) at the age of nine, finishing his Middle Studies several years later with Alfredo Guerrero.

In 2005 he joined the Ensemble XXI recording five albums with them. In 2008, on the CD marking the 20th anniversary of the "Conservatorio Miguel Fleta" he recorded the Martinú Variations on a Slovak Theme for cello and piano. He has played in various youth orchestras including JORCAM, Orquesta Sinfónica Goya, ORA and OSMO; noteworthy is the latter where he performed as principal of the cello section. Moreover he is a member of the Camerata Aragón.

He has received master classes from Miguel Jiménez, Ángel Luis Quintana, David Apellániz, MartijnVink, Barbara Switalska, Asier Polo, Xavier Gagnepain, Suzana Stefanovic, María Casado, Erica Wise, Arnau Tomás, Claudio Bohórquez, Stephan Forck, László Fenyö and Ludwig Quandt.

Also he is member of the Cuarteto Klimt. With it, he has been first prizes winner in several nacionals and internationals chamber music competitions. In 2010 he was awarded with the Ibercaja scholarship, which opened the doors of the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Aragón, where he is currently in the last year with Fernando Arias as chello teacher and the Cuarteto Quiroga in Chamber Music.


Listen to Cuarteto Klimt here.



J. S. Bach, Befehl du deine Wege (herzlich tut mich verlangen) Matthäus Passion

F. J. Haydn, String Quartet in A (Op. 20, No. 6)

F. J. Haydn, String Quartet in C (Op. 76, No. 3) “Emperor”

W. A. Mozart, String Quintet in G minor (K. 516) (2 violas)

L. v. Beethoven, String Quartet No. 11 in F minor (Op. 95) “Serioso”

F. Schubert, String Quartet No. 14 in D minor (D. 810) “Death and the maiden”

J. Brahms, String Quartet in C minor (Op. 51, No. 1)

B. Bartók, String Quartet No. 1 in A minor (Op. 7) Sz. 40

J. Turina, La Oración Del Torero (Op. 34)

D. Shostakovich, Two pieces for String Quartet (Op. 36 a)

G. Crumb, Black Angels,Thirteen Images from the Dark Land for Electric String Quartet


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