Flute East Trio

Date of Birth: 1989-1990

Instrument: flute
Nationality: South Korean and Taiwan

Orlando Competition International Chamber Music Competition, 2016

Prize The 2nd Prize and EMCY prize
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Victoria International Arts Festival, 2017

The Flute East Trio was founded by three Asian flutists of Hanns Eisler conservatory in Berlin: Park Hannah and Sojeong Son of South Korea, Yu-Cheng Hsu of Taiwan. The Ensemble has been studying “Chamber Music Degree” in Hanns Eisler Conservatory Berlin since April 2016 with Prof. Benoit Fromanger.

The ensemble’s performance is both passionate and delicate, combining three unique personalities into one beautiful musical eloquence. Flute East Trio makes efforts to communicate to its audience the beauty of ensemble music of both Asian and Western world from various periods. Flute East Trio is very uniquely configured with three flutes, throwing challenges into the existing community of ensemble music. But when the repertoire calls for, piccolo, Alto and Bass flute can be included. With its powerful and virtuoso playing, Flute East Trio always captivates its audience and breaks the presuming idea of three flutes having limited sonic effects.

Flute East Trio debuted in the concert in Hanns Eisler Midsummer festival on June 2015. Soon after forming, in October 2015, Flute East Trio won the first prize at the International Flute Competition Friedrich Kuhlau, in Germany. Furthermore, the Jury of the competition was so impressed by Flute East Trio’s performance that they invited the Trio to play in August 2016 at Asia Flutists Federation in Kobe (Japan). In February 2016 Flute East Trio was awarded the first prize 'Grand Prize Virtuoso Awards‘ in United Kingdom and has been invited to perform in Awards Ceremony in March 2016 at Royal Albert Hall (London).

In August 2016 Flute Eat Trio was awarded the 2st prize and EMCY prize at Orlando Competition International Chamber Music Competition in Rolduc Kerkrade (Netherlands).

Flute East Trio had a recital in November 2016 (sponsored by Project ’Jour Fixe') and is also expected to play a concert in Staatliches Institut für Musikforschung.

The Ensemble carves out their future to brave experimental fields such as electronic music and contemporary music.


Chamber music

P. Bocquillon, Territoires

J. B. de Boismortier, Sonate for three flutes in d minor No.4, Op.7

J. Casterede, Flutes en vacances

H.W. Erdmann, Trio II for three flutes

H. Genzmer, Trio for three flutes

L. Gianella, Two Trios, Op.27

H. Holliger, pour Roland Cavin

C. Koechlin, Divertissemant for three flutes, Op.90

F. Kuhlau, Trio e minor for three flutes Nr.1, Op.86

F. Kuhlau, Trio D Major for three flutes Nr.2, Op.86

F. Kuhlau, Trio g minor for three flutes Nr.2, Op.13

F. Kuhlau, Trio F Major for three flutes Nr.3, Op.13

F. Kuhlau, Trio b minor for three flutes, Op.90

K. Kummer, Trio, Op.24

L. de Lorenzo, I tre virtuosi Capriccio Brillante, Op.31

T. Pecou, pour un rituel imaginaire

J. J. Quantz, Sonate for three flutes in D Major Nr.116

T. Shimazu, Evolution

K.H. Wahren, Scherzando, Ritmico e Fugato


If you are interested in working with Flute East Trio, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.

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