Lea Sobbe

Date of birth: 13.10.1994

Instrument: recorder
Nationality: German
Competition: Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes
Solistes & European Competition fo
Young Soloists, 2013

1st Prize, EMCY Prize

Contact: through the  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Lea Sobbe is a recorder player from Germany who recently completed her Bachelor studies with distinction at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Currently, she is continuing her studies there with Conrad Steinmann. From 2009 she studied at the University of Music Saar (Germany) and the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg with Thomas Kuegler, where she graduated with a performance diploma of the highest distinction. Besides her studies, Lea has participated in workshops and masterclasses with Dorothee Oberlinger, Hugo Reyne, Michael Schneider, Maurice Steger, Han Tol and Reinhard Goebel.

As a soloist, Lea has been awarded several prizes in national and international competitions, including first prizes in “Jugend musiziert”, a special prize from the “Deutsche Stiftung Musikleben”, the NDR Kulturpreis and the EMCY prize in the “Concours pour Jeunes Solistes” Luxembourg in addition to the first prize with the highest distinction.

Lea is also a prizewinner of the international “MOECK/SRP Recorder solo competition London 2015” and the “Grand Prix Anne et Francoise Groben Luxembourg 2017”. She has received the “Sparkassen-Musikstipendium Rheinland-Pfalz” and several scholarships from the Lyra Foundation.

Lea has performed internationally in numerous festivals and other concert venues, such as the Festival Rencontres musicales de la Vallée de L’Alzette Luxembourg, Klangvokal Musikfestival Dortmund, “summerwinds Münsterland”, the Festival Oldenburger Promenade and as a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra Trier and the Philharmonic Orchestra Luxembourg.

Lea was invited to make some recordings for the SR (Saarländischer Rundfunk) and NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk).




G. Bassano, Ricercate

J. van Eyck, Der Flyten Lust-Hof

A. Virgiliano, Ricercate (Il Dolcimelo)

J. S. Bach, Partita C minor (BWV 1013)

F. Couperin, Le Rossignol-en-amour

G. Ph. Telemann, Fantasias

L. Andriessen, Ende

R. Hirose, Meditation

I.Yun, Der Eremit am Wasser & Der Affenspieler

M. Zahnhausen, Schlaflied für einen Kolibri

Harpsichord / piano / flute

G. Bassano, Diminutions (Susanne un jour / Vestiva i colli)

D. Castello, Sonata prima / Sonata seconda

G. B. Fontana, Sonatas

P. Mealli, Sonatas

F. Rognioni, Diminutions (Vestiva i colli)

F. Rogniono, Diminutions (Anchor che col partire / Un gai bergier)

M. Uccelini, Sonatas

T. Albinoni, Sonatas (Op. 6)

J. S. Bach, Partita D minor (BWV 997)

F. Barsanti, Sonatas (Op. 1)

M. Blavet, Sonatas

A. Corelli, 12 Sonatas (Op. 5) „La Follia“

L. Detri, Sonata C minor

Ch. Dieupart, 6 Suites

G. Finger, Sonatas

G. F. Händel, Sonatas

J. M. Hotteterre, Suites (Op. 2)

J. M. Hotteterre, Suites (Op. 5)

J.- B. Loeillet, Sonatas (Op. 3)

J.- B. Loeillet, Sonatas (Op. 4)

F. Mancini, Sonatas

M. Marais Suites & Les Folies d‘Espagne

B. Marcello Sonatas (Op. 2)

N. Matteis Ayres (Dances & Divisions)

A. D. Philidor, Sonata D minor

D. Purcell, Sonatas

G. Sammartini, Sonatas

I. Sieber, Sonatas

G. Ph.Telemann, 6 Partitas (Die kleine Kammermusik)

G. Ph. 4 Sonatas (Der getreue Musik-Meister)

G. Ph. 2 Sonatas (Essercizii musici) methodische Sonaten

F. Veracini, Sonatas

Diverse, The Division Flute (e.g. Greensleeves, Faronells Ground „La Follia")

Chamber music

G. Fr. Händel, Triosonatas (Op. 2)

M. Marais, Suites (Pièces en trio pour les flûtes)

H. Purcell, Chaconne

J. J. Quantz, Triosonata C Major

G. Ph. Telemann, Triosonatas

A. Vivaldi, Trio sonata a minor, (RV 86)

A. Vivaldi, "La Follia" (Op. 1)

A. Vivaldi, Triosonata G minor (RV 103)

A. Vivaldi, Concerti da camera, (e.g. La tempesta di mare / La notte / Il Gardellino)

With orchestra

J. S. Bach, Brandenburg Concertos No. 2 F Major

J. S. Bach, Brandenburg Concertos No. 4 G Major

G. Jacob, Suite for recorder and strings (e.g. Burlesca alla Rumba / Tarantella)

G. Sammartini, Concerto F Major

G. Ph. Telemann, Suite A minor / Concerto C Major / Concerto F Major

G. Ph. Telemann, Double concerto E minor

A. Vivaldi, Concerto C Major / G Major (Op. 44, No.11)

A. Vivaldi, Concerto C Major / G Major (RV 444)

A. Vivaldi, Concerto C minor (Op. 44, No.19)

A. Vivaldi, Concerto A / E minor, (RV 445)

If you are interested in working with Lea, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.




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