Quartet Gerhard

Date of birth: 01.03.2010

Instrument: ensemble
Nationality: Spanish

Concurso Permanente de Jóvenes Intérpretes


Prize: 2nd Prize
Contact: through the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Widely considered as one of the most exciting young string quartets in Europe, the Quartet Gerhard (Catalonia 2010) is distinguished for a remarkable sensitivity for the sound and an inner respect for music as the highest link between human beings. Prize-winners in all major chamber music competitions in Spain (1st Prize in the Primer Palau in Barcelona, Concurso Permanente Jeunesses Musicales Spain), the Quartet Gerhard was also finalist in the ICMC Hamburg in 2012. In 2011 they received the “Most Convincing Ensemble” prize, awarded by Jeunesses Musicales Germany at the International Chamber Music Campus at Schloss Weikersheim.

After having studied in Basel with Prof. Rainer Schmidt, they are currently under the guidance of Prof. Eberhard Feltz in Berlin. They have also worked with great teachers, such as Ferenc Rados, András Keller, Gerhard Schulz, Valentin Erben, Heime Müller, Oliver Wille and András Schiff.

They took part with great success in venues such as the Chamber Music Series Stadt- Casino Basel, Bordeaux String Quartet Festival, Mozartfest Wurzburg, Wissembourg Chamber Music Festival and the Chamber Music Series L'Auditori in Barcelona.

Surpassing their early and enthusiastic praise, Quartet Gerhard has shown, beyond all expectations, how talent and perseverance lead to success. The impeccable work of Quartet Gerhard, particularly in the sound, added to the univocal direction they have taken to becoming an established string quartet (something more than four excellent musicians playing together), explains their recognition and reach. With a critically acclaimed debut album under their belt, a good handful of reviews and a calendar of diverse concerts, Gerhard Quartet offers the 2016-2017 season, four new programmes that are evidently complex and, to a certain extent, complementary.

Repertoires aimed at taking deeper breaths from an already common, shared source. Their poetry expressed in that which is strictly musical but also in that which encases it, mature beneath the presentation of these new programmes. A path that forges ahead, towards its own horizon. All in all, exhilarating.

Coming highlights the next summer in Aix-en-Provence Festival (France), Verbier Festival Academy (Switzerland) and Orlando Festival (the Netherlands).

You can listen to Quartet Gerhard on their website.


L. van Beethoven, Quartet in D Major (Op. 18, No.3)
J. Brahms, Piano Quintet in F minor (Op. 34)
R. Gerhard, Quartet No. 2
J. Haydn, Quartet in C Major (Op. 20, No. 2)
J. Haydn, Quartet in G Major (Op. 76, No. 1)
J. Haydn, Quartet in D minor (Op. 76, No. 2)
L. Janácek, String Quartet No. 1 "Kreutzer Sonata"
G. Kurtág, 12 microludis (Op. 13)
F. Mendelssohn, Quartet in A minor (Op. 13, No. 2)
F. Mendelssohn, Quartet in F minor (Op. 80, No. 6)
F. Mendelssohn, Quartet in D Major (Op. 44, No. 1)
X. Montsalvatge, Cuarteto Indiano
W. A. Mozart, Quartet No. 1 in G Major (K80)
W. A. Mozart, Quartet No. 16 in E flat Major (K428)
M. Ravel, Quartet in F Major
B. Smetana, Quartet No. 1 in E minor
E. Toldrà, Quartet ‘Vistes al mar’ J. Turina, La Oración del Torero

If you are interested in working with Quartet Gerhard, please get in touch with the EMCY Office.

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