GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE is a cooperation project co-funded by the culture programme Creative Europe of the European Union. It counts 8 partners of 7 different countries: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Luxemburg and Germany. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will promote young European musicians with performances in 7 countries, providing them essential skills to engage with different audiences all over Europe. They will leave the concert halls and take the music to places where you and I meet. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will turn youth music competitions into an interactive experience of art.

Watch the video from Istanbul, Reach out session with young musicians and local workers, here

Photo credit: Mindaugas Mikulėnas

"This project was an amazing experience for all of us. Having the honour playing for the people and making them happy, reminds me of the reason why I am making music." Iris Maß

Summary of the project

GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE proposes a diverse set of activities: international workshops on audience communication, interactive performances, reach out sessions with young refugees, immigrants, traveller kids and underrepresented groups, musical theatre for families, an online violin competition with one rule: everything except the classical repertoire and performance, interdisciplinary concerts with professional orchestras and an international premiere of a contemporary composition.

All activities are played by young emerging musicians, selected and awarded by the partners´ music competitions. Every activity will be assessed systematically and builds the basis for the project´s long term strategy: transferable guidelines for audience development at youth music competitions.

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Upcoming activities:

Without Borders! Workshop

Germany, 13th – 18th June 2017

Workshop on audience communication, rhetoric and interdisciplinary cooperation. Ten young EMCY Prize winners will learn how to present themselves on stage and which tools are essential for their own marketing.

Midterm Conference

Germany, 16th – 18th June 2017, Conference at the Landesmusikakademie Rheinland-Pfalz

Topics: midterm evaluation of GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE, new business models for youth music competitions - Jeunesses Musicales Spain And Natu knygynas will present their business models. The conference will overlap with the activity Without Borders! and will give all partners the possibility to participate in several actions of this activity as rhetoric seminars and the creation of professional video presentations of their organisations.


Turkey, October/November 2017

BT Music and Performing Arts School will create a musical theatre for children (ages 5-11) and their parents, based on very successful books about composers' lives called ‘Classical Music Tales’. It will bring parents and children together to share and find new interest in music. The young musicians will perform two musical theatres around the Turkish youth music competition and one final concert performed by four EMCY prize winners of the partners and winners of the Turkish competition.

Spanish and Luxembourgish Premiere! of a contemporary composition

Spain, Luxembourg, 9th – 13th November 2017

To stimulate the inclusion of contemporary compositions in the repertoire of youth music competitions, this European premiere will feature the work of a young European composer awarded at the 36th Young Composers Competition (Barcelona, December 2015). He will work with a prize winner saxophone quartet. They will go on a 3 day tour in Spain and then open the Luxembourgish Concours Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes & European Competition for Young Soloists. One concert in Spain will be recorded and broadcasted on the Catalan radio station Catalunya Música.

Violin Surprises, online competition on YouTube

The Netherlands, November 2017 & 2018

The Netherlands Violin Competition will publish a call for violinists (under 26 years) from all over Europe to make a YouTube movie that surprises! The competitors can play everything except the classical repertoire for violin. The Prize winner will play a concert at the prestigious concert hall Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, travel costs and fee will be covered. Two Prize winners will be selected by a professional jury of musicians and an audience jury. The later will vote online. Experts of the Flying Gorillas will work with the Prize winners to create a musical improvisation system to accompany hip-hop dance battles performed by young Dutch break dancers at the final concert.

Interdisciplinary concert with the Nürnberger Symphoniker

Germany, Nürnberg, 2018

Two prize winners will play as soloists with the Nürnberger Symphoniker, a professional and world-famous orchestra. The concert will be combined with a video installation of a young European video artist. This concert will not only provide the young musicians with an exceptional professional opportunity, but it will illustrate a new and alternative concert format. With this format EMCY and the Nürnberger Symphoniker want to address a different and broader audience.

Past activities

International cooperation for reaching underrepresented groups in Lithuania

Lithuania, 2nd - 8th November 2016

Together with EMCY and the Flying Gorillas, the Balys Dvarionas Foundation organized a six-day-seminar for two EMCY  prize winners, Iris Maaß and Stefan Iliev, teaching them how to perform and communicate arts to children with disabilities and special needs as well as for young people at refugee camps. The prize winners performed at Children's Hospital in Vilnius, Pabrade Social Foster Home and Pabrade Foreigners Registration Center, where they reached out to underrepresented groups of people in Lithuania. Their performances were created to integrate ethnic minorities and to gave these groups access to music, culture and European values. This seminar was also broaden the knowledge of classically trained young musicians as well as their expression and musical communication through learning the interaction with new styles (like hip-hop). More information


Photo credit: Mindaugas Mikulėnas


Reach out session: 4-days Workshop with young musicians and local workers

Istanbul, Turkey, 2nd - 5th December 2016

Martin Zayranov, prize winner of International Competition Young Virtuosos and Nikica Polegubić, prize winner of Anna Amalia Competition for Young Guitarists (Weimar), together with Alim Kurtmemetov (clarinet), Isil Cilli (flute) and Asli Ozgonul (voice) performed at four workshops. The musical director of the Flying Gorillas, Nigel Warrack and Susana Garcia led the workshop for children and young adults. The unofficial partners were United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other 6 NGO's. More information

Watch the video from Istanbul, Reach out session with young musicians and local workers, here

Homage a Heifetz

Vilnius, Lithuania  2nd – 19th February 2017

The project was in the framework of the International Jascha Heifetz Competition for Violinists. In cooperation with Natų knygynas a special interactive space remembering the Jewish history of Vilnius was created. The activities were a series of dialogues about integration of ethnic minorities into society or the accessibility of unrepresented groups through art, among others topics, and a series concerts performed by four EMCY Prize winners. More information here

Photo credit: Mindaugas Mikulėnas

New Children´s Show

London, 20th February - 3rd March 2017

Against the background of the EU referendum, the partners of GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE are especially delighted to include a UK organization in this project. In London in January, February 2017 a new children's show with live music from European prize winners was planned with truly European performances in theatres, schools and unconventional venues to reach children in mainstream education, special schools, children's hospice and legal Travelers' site.

Photo Credit: Flying Gorillas

Discover Music! Outreach workshop (former Young Talents on Tour)

Luxemburg, Germany, Spain, 7th – 18th March 2017

Three young EMCY Prize winners worked with pupils from public schools with high percentage of migrants. After a 5-days workshop in Luxembourg at the UGDA Music School with the practical introduction and preparation session, they gave outreach sessions and evening concerts in Luxembourg, Germany and Spain. The tour is planned also for 2018 and it will be in cooperation with UGDA Music School, Jeunesses Musicales Spain and the Flying Gorillas.

''GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE was a unique experience that inspired me in many ways. It made me realise how music can connect people from different countries and social backgrounds and how it can spread joy and happiness among all people.'' Beatrice Picard


Photo credit: Uli Römer




The European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY) is the applicant organisation of the proposal. GIVE MUSIC A FUTURE will boost EMCY efforts in stimulating new competition formats and new performance formats, appropriate to develop audiences at youth music competitions and to provide Europe´s tomorrow’s musicians with essential skills to be successful in the future.

The Ecole de musique de l'Union Grand-Duc Adolphe (UGDA Music School) organises numerous extracurricular activities on local, regional, national, European and international level such as training and development workshops for children and young adults. It organises also bilateral and multilateral exchanges in collaboration with other cultural and youth organisations and is focusing on expanding the presence of the contemporary repertoire in its competitions as well as the cooperation of emerging musicians with young composers.

The Flying Gorillas is a London based cultural organization that provides training and development for professional and emerging artists through cross-art form laboratories, performances and workshops with children aged 3 - 11 and young people. The Flying Gorillas also have a long standing expertise with young Travellers and Roma, people with learning disabilities and children in hospital.

The Netherlands Violin Competition combines the tradition of a national competition on highest level with almost fifty years of experience in discovering outstanding prize winners and innovative and modern programmes and competition formats. The competition stimulates musicians to experiment with repertoires and concert formats, to dive into different styles at the competition. With special projects like Violin surprises it offers different formats to attract new audiences, as listeners, under 26.

Photo: Foppe Schut

The Lithuanian non-profit organisation Natų knygynas has a long tradition in national and international educational events for children and young adults. Among the current and upcoming events for youth is the anti-piracy project. It raises awareness for the protection of music copyrights through seminars in the major Lithuanian music schools.

The Lithuanian Balys Dvarionas Charity and Support Foundation nurtures the heritage of the Lithuanian composer Balys Dvarionas and stimulates cultural activities and creative artistic self-expression of the youth. It promotes musical talents in the pre-professional area on national and European level. The foundation also organises the National Balys Dvarionas Competition Piano and String Competition in which the majority of today renowned Lithuanian pianists and string players have started their musical careers.

The Turkish partner, the BT Music and Performing Arts School for children and young adults was founded in 1997 in Istanbul. Its education programme aims to introduce children and young adults to music, theatre and dance. Their second field of experience is capacity-building for teachers, music counseling, leading international educational excursions and projects of social responsibility, the latest including works with underprivileged, mentally and physically handicapped children and adolescents.

The Spanish partner Juventudes Musicales de España (JM Spain) is the Spanish confederation member of the world´s largest youth cultural movement, the network Jeunesses Musicales. JM Spain has over 60 years of experiences in music competitions and promotion of Spanish prize winners and the exchange with other European and international music organizations. It has a long experience in supporting the active musical participation at all levels, the global exchange of musicians, experts, teachers and know-how.

Christina Coker, from the O.B.E., is a renowned expert in audience development and music education for young audiences and non-audiences as well as formal and non-formal music education. She decisively contributed to the planning of this project and will steer the conferences, accompany the analysis of the activities and the writing of the guidelines.

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